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Dr.Blue Jeanns

Custom Tailored Jeans & Denim Repair

Save your favorite pair of jeans or enjoy the stylish appeal of tailored jeans with the denim repair and alteration services provided by Dr. Blue Jeanns in Sherman Oaks, California. Perfectly tailored jeans are a work of art, and they are both comfortable and appropriate for almost any occasion. They also ensure that you look polished and fashionable wherever you go. Our top-quality denim alterations ensure you always look great.

Denim Alterations

Trust the expert tailored at Dr. Blue Jeanns to bring your jeans back to life thanks to quality denim repair and alterations. Our skilled team has developed a range of time-tested methods for restoring your jeans original hemline out smoothing out the bulges along the inside seam.

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Blue Jean First Aid

We all have our favorite pair of jeans, and when they’re damaged, we spend a lot of time replacing them. Instead, trust us to provide expert denim repair services for your wounded jeans. Our experienced tailor will perform the any denim surgery needed and ship them back to you looking as good as new. We hand a wide range of denim alterations, including:

• Waist Adjustment - Take in Your Jeans' Waist
• Regular Factory Hem - Receive a New Hem with the Same Color Thread
• Half-Inch Hem - Receive a Half-Inch Factory Hem with a Regular Stitch and Bar Tack
• Rebuilt & Reattached Hem - Rebuild and Reattach the Hem with an Original or Recycled Hem, and Repair Frayed Edges
• Reattached Hem - Re-hem Jeans to a Half-Inch Using the Existing Hem for the Original Look

Options & Rates

We offer 3/4-inch hems or wider. Prices are slightly more for a thicker thread Holbein stitch. Please call for a price quote on any of our services.

Contact us for tailored jeans and denim repair.